Art teacher Sabine Von Graz

Sabine grew up in a household that lived and breathed art.  Paper, glass, mirrors… every surface was painted…

From delicate ink drawings to striking Op Art, she was surrounded by the work of her mother, well-known Austrian art teacher, sculptor and painter  Professor Gerlinde Bartelt-Stelzer.

Having grown up with an art teacher as her mother, Sabine witnessed  from a young age how an individual approach to coaching can help students  successfully work towards their artistic goals.


'I believe that creativity is right up there with meditation and mindfulness in regards to helping with stress, loneliness, boredom etc… My private lessons and courses encourage  an alternative focus for  thoughts and in turn a greater sense of wellbeing.’


Teaching art since 2000


•    Life drawing and water colour courses in Austria

•    Life drawing classes at the Brunswick Incubator in Melbourne

•    Weekend art retreats at Daylesford Victoria

•    Weekend art retreats at Bribie Island

•    Life drawing at the Rinaldi gallery in Brunswick

•    Fashion Illustration classes at RMIT

•    Folio Preparation for future RMIT students