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PLAyART Journaling

Art Journaling – the lost art of play

We believe that creativity is right up there with meditation and mindfulness in regards to helping with boredom, depression,  loneliness and fear of ageing,  etc… It’s a tool that can take your mind off daily chores and troubles, giving yourself an alternative focus for your thoughts. This can be in short spurts when you are planning your next activity for your journal, or longer flow experiences while working on your art work. And to top it off you get pleasure when see a completed artistic page, a feeling of accomplishment… This course is not about learning how to draw or paint but rather leading you with playful experimentation towards unlocking your creativity. You don’t need to be talented or have any artistic experience to do playrt, but just an interest to express your creativity. It can be exhilarating to let the experimental outcomes guide you to new ideas and projects. Let us explore together and take your creativity in new directions you never thought possible. With a large working space, lots of tools, examples, guidance and fun, we will show you simple steps with great outcomes to get

you hooked on ‘Playrt’.

Sabine and Kim

(some of the art classes can be booked by a group which can be as small as a parent and child, for more information on private lessons please contact Sabine)

Studio Alice, Bribie Island Woorim


mobile: 0414872118

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