artist  Sabine Von Graz

Artist’s Statement:


My work is often described as  funky with a touch of punk and leaning towards the surreal.

The search of the 'old world' in contrast with the contemporary is what fascinates me and drives a lot of my painting.

On closer inspection one can find secondary images hidden within the main image,  turning the viewer into the artist, letting them create their own story, possibly mirroring the state of the soul in the layers of the paintings.

The ideas and technique for a painting begin well before I start to paint. Any of my experiences can influence the outcome. Painting is expression.  My work is finished when my first intentions have developed into visual messages as bold as I can make them.


In an ever-changing world art is a constant. A painting is a lasting communication between the artist and the world. The challenge is to create new meaning in a new way.

Artist’s Profile:


Sabine von Graz’s vision is shaped by a lifetime nurtured in art. Her mother is one of Austria’s leading painters and sculptors. 


Sabine’s paintings are unique, challenging images where strong colour and shape overlay differing visual clues. 


Image by image, she is creating a new world.


“I guess I live out in my paintings things you just don’t get to do on an everyday basis.”