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Stitched Hearts

‘Stitched Heart’, one and two, are artworks that juxtapose the unsettling and the serene, inviting viewers to explore the deeper complexities of perception and emotion. Painted in oil on raw linen, this artwork features a meticulously rendered porcelain bunny, its gleaming white surface, partly transparent, marred by the unsettling presence of a real eye. This haunting gaze pierces through the calm, adding a layer of uncanny realism to an otherwise whimsical subject.

Beneath the porcelain bunny lies a hand-stitched heart, crafted with large cross stitches of wool. The process of incorporating this stitched element is as intricate as the artwork itself. First, holes are carefully drilled into the canvas, allowing the wool to be threaded through the board, merging traditional painting techniques with textile artistry. This fusion of mediums not only enhances the tactile quality of the artwork but also symbolises the connection between fragility and strength, the delicate stitches holding the raw emotions together.

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