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'Welcome to Alice' is run by the Australia Austrian artist and teacher Sabine Von Graz.

The visitor to Studio Alice is taken to another world, where Bribie meets magic, all surrounded by Sabine’s eclectic art pieces from a 24.800 tiled mosaic to a fully painted staircase. Her works also include intricate oil paintings, each of which tell ‘micro stories’ within each layer of paint, to inspire fellow artists and students.

You might ask yourself, why that name ‘Welcome to Alice’?

Well, before the family settled in Morton Bay, they embarked on a fifteen month trip around Australia.

On the way, they passed through Alice Springs and intrigued by the place, they thought if they ever had a studio they would call it ‘Welcome to Alice’.


For more information you can call Sabine on 0414872118

or email on

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